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The Scoopie Announces a Unique Charity Event for the Homeless – “Hoodies 4 the Homeless”

Texas, USA, January 13, 2016 – In an era and a time where the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and giving back to the community is alien to a number of organizations, The Scoopie - sellers of the popular Scoopie measuring scoop for liquid and powdered food, has taken it upon itself to ‘walk the talk’ instead of merely ‘talking the talk.’

Being a consumer-minded business, The Scoopie makes bold to announce the organization’s heartfelt and active involvement in a unique and enviable charity program in Houston, Texas.

Dubbed as ‘Hoodies 4 the Homeless.’ the charity event aims to stretch out a helping hand, and give back to the community through the provision of hoodies for as many homeless people as possible in Houston.

Speaking about this laudable program, Tiffany Upshaw, the co-founder of The Scoopie commented thus; “Since it is cold out there, we figured it would be great to give and pass out hoodies to homeless people. We have them for sale on our website, but we will pass out the hoodies no matter what. We are helping by giving out something meaningful and beneficial that isn't simply cash that we have zero control on how it is spent.”

“We believe that donations and charities built strictly on cash donations can be misleading, and can take away the true value of actually helping someone. When we hand out a hoodie we know that they will use it, which will then directly support our cause and not a particular administration fee. The look on each individuals face and the joy they exude makes it a worthwhile event in ten folds” Jared Allen, the CEO/Co-founder of The Scoopie concluded.


Suffice it to say that this event is not targeted towards the raising of funds. Any fund that is however realized would be used to purchase more hoodies.

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