Funny Scoopie Video From Jokestrap

Funny Scoopie Video From Jokestrap

If you’ve ever tried pouring protein powder into a bottle or shaker and ended up spilling it or getting frustrated trying to get the powder in with a protein scoop, this product should cure it!

It’s called The Scoopie. It’s pretty much a scoop with a built-in cover that turns into a funnel.

Just dig up a scoop full of powder, close the cap/funnel, flip it upside down into your bottle or shaker and the protein just funnels in with no mess!

And because it comes with a little rubber cap, you store the powder in the Scoopie and save the mixing process for when you get to the gym or wherever.

They come in all different colors and sizes so you can use them to measure, store, and transport other stuff like pre-workout, creatine, BCAAs, baby formula and whatever.

They’re only a few bucks a piece


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