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Plastic Scoop and Funnels packed with your products will give all of your customers a convenient means for an exacting measure. That virtually guarantees your products will produce promised results.

When using The Scoopie Scoop and Funnel, your product will taste and look the way you intended. The minute your customer uses your products, quality is instilled by the thoughtfulness on your part to aid in the measuring. No more guesswork!

The Scoopie Scoop and Funnel's are made only from quality polypropylene plastic, ensuring you a pliable product that will not crack or break under normal use. Our measures meet all FDA Standards. We provide Certificate's of Compliance to ensure quality every time.

The Scoopie Scoop and Funnel will help you find the perfect size that you need. We’ll work with you in developing a mold to fit all of your requirements, as we produce all of our own tooling and mold designs. The Scoopie Scoop and Funnel can be used as a give-away premium or in-package convenience. 

How to Add The Scoopie to your product

1. Inside Your Supplement Products - We provide the Scoopie to go directly into your supplement products for pennies more than a standard scoop.

- We can either send it directly to your supplement company or to your Co-packer/manufacturer. We will work directly with you or the manufacturer to provide you with the exact scoop size that your products require.

- We provide Liability Insurance and Certificates of Approved Plastics Compliance to show FDA Quality.

- Our minimums are per the box (300-2500 units, depending on size)

2. Inside your Supplement Shop or Gym - We provide the Scoopie in retail ready packages for your store or gym.

  • Simply send us an email and we will give you the pricing and availability of our product.

  • Simply place your order via email, we will send you an invoice that can be paid through email, from the invoice. Once paid, we will send the product immediately to you.

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