The Story of The Scoopie began as two fitness frenzied individuals, Jarred Loran Allen and Tiffany Upshaw, sought a need to eliminate the overwhelming hassle of pouring supplements into shakers and water bottles using alternative means such as paper funnels, hand funnels or normal funnels. There simply had to be an easier and mess free way of doing so. Through a Facebook message sent from Jarred in Texas to Tiffany in Florida, where Jarred described his Sunday Funday Napkin artwork of a scoop and funnel to Tiffany who described her unique Scoop and Funnel idea, a bond was born.


Through cold calling and trial and error, Jarred and Tiffany turned concept into design, design into a product and a product into a multi million units seller. Today, they have worked hard on meeting the needs of fans and users world-wide by making sure each scoop brings every bit of awesome that each user needs.

Ways to use the Scoopie:

1. Inside Your Supplement Products - We provide the Scoopie to go directly into your supplement products for pennies more than a standard scoop.

- We can either send it directly to your supplement company or to your Co-packer/manufacturer. We will work directly with you or the manufacturer to provide you with the exact scoop size that your products require.

- We provide Liability Insurance and Certificates of Approved Plastics Compliance

- The price on our pricing sheet is the only price you pay. (WE DO NOT CHARGE A ROYALTY)

- Our minimums are per the box (300-2500 units, depending on size)


2. Inside your Supplement Shop or Gym - We provide the Scoopie in retail ready packages for your store or gym.

- Simply send us an email and we will give you the pricing and availability of our product.

- Simply place your order via email, we will send you an invoice that can be paid through email, from the invoice. Once paid, we will send the product immediately to you.


Jarred and Tiffany always make sure to thank their fans, followers and customers first and have continued to bring new innovation their way through 15 mold sizes, with more to come.
















We understood early on that to parents, cooking enthusiast, gym goers and competitors in the fitness industry, it's essential that they have simplicity with their everyday routine for formula, ingredient additions and contest prep. We saw the difficulty in taking formula, ingredient additives as well as pre-workout/protein supplements on the go because the scoop that typically is provided in the supplement tub was much larger than the circumference of that of a normal water bottles opening/spout creating a mess.



  • The Scoopie is the ULTIMATE  dispensing & storage scoop for uses in dietary food supplements, culinary, baby formula, & products containing powders, liquids, & MORE! Just scoop, snap, flip & pour!


  • No more hand funnels, paper funnels or dirty shaker bottles needed.


  • Remove your standard scoop from inside your container and replace it with The Scoopie


  • Other Ways You Can Help. . .


  • Word of mouth is the BIGGEST form of advertisement of a product as a way to get the buzz out there to the world! If you would like to help spread the word about The Scoopie®, please contact us and we can provide you with details of where we would like to see our product placed and collaborate on ideas.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about the Founders, Tiffany Upshaw and Jarred Allen, and their dream idea! At one point we all needed a helping hand to get us to the next level and without that help, where would we be?