A Better and Healthier You in 2016

A Better and Healthier You in 2016

New Years bring new beginnings and 2016 is the perfect opportunity to prepare a better and healthier version of that better you that you've longed for. Check out these links below for some of the best advice and motivation to creating healthy lifestyle habits in 2016.


1. 12 Ways to Have Your Happiest and Fittest Year Ever.




Link:,,20765715,00.html is the perfect source for finding some fun and easy advice to avheiving that ideal version of yourself. These twelve steps set in motion a how to of creating that health you. From setting a bedtime to not winging meals, use this article to help create habits that move you towards your 2016 goals.


2. Motivation Fitness Transformation






There's nothing more powerful than watching other everyday people who used to struggle daily with the same health problems as we currently do, go from ZERO to HERO with a full body and mind transformation. creates articles about normal everyday people and tells their story from unhappy and overweight to happy, motivated and fit. Use this as a guide to believe that you can acheive that perfect version of yourself that you seek. They did!


3. 50 Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Really Love Yourself




Looking for a few ways to love yourself in 2016? Well Here's 50 fool proof ways to elminate stress, jumpstart your happiness and create a healthy lifestyle.

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