It started off as a hobby to solve our own powdered supplement issues while using hand funnels, folded paper funnels as well as old smelly shakers. It quickly grew into something far bigger than expected, which looked to solve a problem that millions of others, just like us, continued to experience with their own powder supplements and baby formula. Powders are messy and we are busy. Water bottles quickly grew into the number one best selling beverage around the world as it made it easier for people to continue moving throughout their busy lives. So how could we utilize water bottles to  keep up with our overly growing schedule of obligations while also removing the disaster of spilling powders all over our kitchens and vehicles? 

Eco Friendly Scoop with Funnel The Scoopie for Powder Supplements 


The Scoopie began as two fitness frenzied individuals, Jarred Loran Allen and Tiffany Upshaw, sought a need to eliminate the overwhelming hassle of pouring supplements into shakers and water bottles, which usually lead to sticky counters and unnecessary powder messes. There simply had to be a better way and indeed there was. Through a Facebook message sent from Jarred in Texas to Tiffany in Florida, where Jarred described his Sunday Funday Napkin artwork of a scoop and funnel to Tiffany who described her unique Scoop and Funnel idea, a product was born.

We continue to work hard at creating ways to ensure EVERYONE can supplement in their own unique way. 

Such As:

- Multiple Sizes that work with every type of powder product.

- Multiple Colors to accessorize to your fashion style.

- Rubber Silicon attached cap for portable carrying of your supplements.

- Easy to read measurement lines to ensure you have the perfect dose.

- 100% Recyclable Plastic products to help keep our world clean

- Eco Friendly Reminders and Initiatives that advocate for proper recycling of water bottles as well as their re-use. 

Ways Supplement Brands can use The Scoopie:

1. Inside Your Supplement Products - We provide the Scoopie to go directly into your supplement product containers for pricing identical to a standard scoop.

  • We can either send it directly to your supplement company or to your Co-packer/manufacturer. We will work directly with you or the manufacturer to provide you with the exact scoop size that your products require.
  • We provide Liability Insurance and Certificates of Approved Plastics Compliance
  • MOQ's - per the box (300-2500 units, depending on size)



2,500 Per Box


2,500 Per Box


1,500 Per Box


1,500 Per Box


1,600 Per Box


1,000 Per Box


1,000 Per Box


1,000 Per Box


1,000 Per Box


1,100 Per Box


800 Per Box


700 Per Box


550 Per Box


480 Per Box


300 Per Box


400 Per Box


2. Inside your Supplement Shop or Gym - We provide the Scoopie in retail ready packages for your store or gym.

  • Simply send us an email and we will give you the pricing and availability of our product.
  • Simply place your order via email, we will send you an invoice that can be paid through email, from the invoice. Once paid, we will send the product immediately to you.

Eco Friendly Scoop with Funnel Powder Supplement Dispenser for Water Bottles The Scoopie

 Eco Friendly Scoop with Funnel for Pouring Powder Supplements into Water Bottles The Scoopie

Jarred and Tiffany always make sure to thank their fans, followers and customers first and have continued to bring new innovation their way through 16 mold sizes, with more to come. 

Whether exercising at the gym, taking care of your baby, or just managing your health, life is hard work – so why make it harder by struggling to put powder formulas into bottles? With the Scoopie portable scoop funnel, you can transport your protein powders, baby formulas, or supplements in the container of your choice with ease. Simply scoop your powder, snap the lid, flip the funnel, and watch as the contents flow into your bottle.

This quad pack comes with four different sizes of Scoopie portable scoop funnels, ranging from pre-workout (15cc) to protein use (90cc). The Scoopie is dishwasher safe, food friendly, BPA-free, and measures contents in cc/ml/TBSP. It makes a wonderful stocking stuffer for the avid gym-goer in your life, new mothers, and health-conscious individuals.

Mess-Free Design

Even with at-home methods, pouring powders or formulas into bottles is strenuous, time consuming, and often results in unsightly messes. With the Scoopie’s mess-free, secure design, you will no longer have to worry about spilling your nutrients, wasting money, or leaving debris to clean up later. You will be able to tremendously simplify your gym drink routine, baby formula preparation, or supplement prep and create more free time in your day.

Perfect for Portable Snack Storage

Have a treat you want to take on the go? Serve up snack foods with the Scoopie! The Scoopie’s secure lid makes it great as a portable dry snack carrier. Just put in your food of choice and lock the lid for a safe way to take your treats with you. Whether you are taking a hike in the mountains with relatives or walking leisurely through the park, you can keep your trail mix, nuts, and other treats handy without worrying about the contents spilling. Take snacks to a friend’s house or on a road trip to keep your energy level in check.

Wonderful for Use Around the Home

The Scoopie is not only great on the go, but is also ideal for use in the kitchen or around the home. Use the Scoopie portable scoop funnel to store some of your ingredients, such as sugar, salt, pepper, and cinnamon, or to measure food for recipes. It is especially useful for party prepping, transporting picnic items, or preparing powder supplements for later use. If you are truly creative, you can use it to keep small items such as thread, keys, coins, or ointments in a handy, easy-to-access jar.

The Scoopie portable scoop funnel makes getting your daily nutrition easier. Whether you are sticking to a strict supplement plan, have an unmoving gym regimen, or are caring for someone with vitamin needs, this scooping device will make it much easier and faster to transfer your powders.