How We Started - The Scoopie Story

How We Started - The Scoopie Story

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Accident indeed! Our story began on a Sunday fun day in search of a pick me up before round two of a night out on the town. No redbull, no five hour energy or monster. Only some pre workout with a bottle of water, ready to be placed against parched lips and a tired mind needing a spark to keep the night alive. Bed time wasn't calling yet my POWDER was a pain to pour smoothly into the tiny rim of a water bottle. It failed epically and the phrase that spit from the mouth of @jarredallen in the form of the greatest epiphany to date of "why doesn't this come with a funnel attached?" Sent tremors down the earths spine. With little more than a color pencil and a bar napkin, THE idea was sent into conception. The baby was born and it's name was the Scoopie. It's at the Times when you least expect it to happen that greatness arises from the ashes in the form of a one in the opportunity. Grab it, believe in it, make it real, make it yours, breath life into it like Frankenstein did to his monster. Life's about living and capturing those spur of the moment chances that come by as rare as a blue moon. Keep your eyes open. Your heart and mind ready for that moment because as eminen once said "this opportunity only comes once in a lifetime"! So lose yourself in it and follow your passion. Believe in yourself and others will. We believe in you! 

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