10 Supplement Manufacturer's Who You Should Know - Down South

10 Supplement Manufacturer's Who You Should Know - Down South

The rapid growth of the supplement market continues to propel at supersonic speeds. Oprah's voice, still comes to mind SCREAMING "you get some supplements! You get some supplements! You get some supplements!" There's no question that there's a huge demand for supplements and plenty who can supply them, so much so, that I doubt anyone could tell you how many supplement brands exist today. Anyone? How about a ball park estimate? As quickly as they rise, many fall, leading to new brands filling the void and attempting their shot at taking on the Goliath's. Are you a David and if so, where do you start? Who's the manufacturer that will help lead your brand to the next level? Are you getting the quality required by today's standards? If so, could you prove it? We all need a little help when getting started. So below is a list of 10 manufacturer's in the North-East who are doing great things for brands.

1. Formulife Inc

Formulife Supplements

Formulife is home to some of the most well known supplement products on the market today. They specialize in flavoring, lead time processes to ensure on-time product delivery and brand development worthy of any shelf.

FDA  Approved Facility

GMP Approved Facility

NSF Registered Facility by NSF

NSF Certified Gluten-Free

Natural Products Association Member

United Natural Products Alliance Member

Address: 1253 Andrews Parkway

Allen, Texas 75002

Phone: 214-221-4911


2. Rival Labs

Rival Labs

With over 50 years combined experience in the Nutraceutical market, Rival seconds no one with their relentless pursuit of bringing the customer exactly what they need. 

Address: 13611 Neutron Rd

Dallas, TX 75244

Allen, Texas 75002

Phone: 214-221-4911


3. JW Nutritional

JW Nutritional

With 120,000 Square Feet and 2 locations, JW is quickly becoming one of the leaders within the supplement market. They specialize in providing every aspect of product creation in one location, which greatly increases the ability for the client to focus on growing their brands.

FDA  Approved Facility

GMP Approved Facility

NSF Registered Facility by NSF

NSF Certified Gluten-Free

Address: 601 Century Parkway Suite 300

Allen, TX 75013

Phone: 214-221-0404


4. Protec Labs

Protec Labs

One of the OGs of the supplement market, Protec has a state of the art facility that produces some of the biggest brands on the market. They thrive on customer service and experience.

Address: 4300 FM 2225

Quitman, TX 75783

Phone: 903-878-7513


5. Mastery Blendz

One of the new kids on the block but come packed with tons of experience and punch. Master Blendz smartly decided to build their facility in one of the fastest growing cities in the world, Houston, Texas and has been dominating the market. With their determination and drive for consumer excellence, they are definitely one to keep in eye on.


6. Uniwell Labs

Uniwell Labs

UniWell is a full-service cGMP manufacturing and packaging facility for nutraceuticals, OTC pharmaceuticals, and dietary supplements. They offer complete turnkey solutions for contract manufacturing and have the formulation expertise to develop white label products that can enhance your existing product line.

Address: 14801 Sovereign Rd

Fort Worth, TX 76155

Phone: 817-510-1850


7. Nutribiotech USA, Inc

Nutribiotech USA

Nutribiotech USA is a dietary supplement manufacturing business that believes in creating market advantages for customers that choose them to create their supplements. From their global presence to the packaging options that are available to customers, a choice to work with Nutribiotech USA is a choice to market a successful product.

Address: 3366 Miller Park South

Garland, TX 75041

Phone: 833-298-2200


8. Accelerated Genetix LLC

Accelerated Genetix

AG has been in business since 2014 and has grown rapidly each year; from capsules, powders & tablets, were ready to serve you. High quality sports nutrition products, low lead times, and attention to quality assurance has made it possible for AG to expand into a 30,000 square foot FDA Registered manufacturing facility. Advanced formulation concepts for brands, a strong grasp on product innovation and a transparent business module; Accelerated Genetix, LLC is your one stop shop for contract sports supplement manufacturing.

Address: 344 McDonnell St

Lewisville, TX 75057

Phone: 940-584-0575


9. Progressive Laboratories, Inc

Progressive Labs

Progressive Laboratories was founded in 1972 by a nutritionist passionate about serving and expanding his patients ability to optimize health. Since then, their mission has always been clearly defined: we strive to help patients maximize their potential for health through the science-based use of targeted nutraceutical products. Their mission, their passionate commitment, is to apply the growing body of nutrition science as it applies to health and wellness to produce the finest targeted nutrient and botanical formulations in the world. 

Address: 3131 Story Road West

Irving, TX 75038-7962

Phone: 800-527-9512


10. Aegle Nutrition 

 Aegle Nutrition

AEGLE Nutrition is a U.S. based manufacturer of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals founded in 2013 with top industry professionals who recognized a need to provide a different standard of customer service and expertise. AEGLE Nutrition’s facility is located in Carrollton, Texas and is a state-of-the-art certified GMP and FDA registered facility built to exceed all quality and safety standards.

Address: 1300 Hutton Dr Suite 110

Carrollton, TX 75006

Phone: 800-815-9354


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