Best Workout Logs; The Top 6 Workout Logs On Amazon

Best Workout Logs; The Top 6 Workout Logs On Amazon

It’s no coincidence that the best athletes in the world all keep a workout log. With its ability to increase discipline, motivation, and daily creativity, a workout log has the potential to be the key to your fitness success.

The only problem is, there’s a lot of them out there. And choosing the right one – the one that goes with your personality like PB goes with Jelly - can often leave you with feelings of both overwhelm and FOMO. And nobody likes FOMO.

Here’s a quick list of the 6 best workout logs on Amazon:

#1 Peak Performance Workout Planner

Peak Performance Workout Planner

Starting off our list of the 6 best workout logs on Amazon is the Peak Performance workout planner.

What separates this workout log from most other workout logs is its inclusion of artistic illustrations that add an element of entertainment and education to your daily grind. It also includes mini workout plans that can serve as a spark to your motivation when you find yourself running low.

Customers praise it for its durability and educational information.


#2 Fitness and Food Journal by ProFit

Fitness and Food Journal by ProFit

Despite its potentially confusing name, the Fitness and Food workout log puts exercise first.

If you’re someone who’s into daily reflections and tracking your progress over time using graphs and other various tools, then the fitness and food workout log is a great option for you.

Customers praise the fitness and food workout log for its size and added fitness tools.

#3 GymPad Workout Journal & Fitness Book 

GymPad Workout Journal & Fitness Book

The Gympad fitness book is a full-color workout log that is perfect for people who enjoy a splash of color in their daily workout log. This workout log is Perfect for people who rebel against tradition and are tired of writing on pages that are only black and white. Unlike most workout logs, the Gympad also comes with a unique motivational quote on every page. So if you’re someone who finds yourself getting inspired by quotes and color, then the Gympad workout log was destined to be yours.


#4 Fitness Logbook: Undated Workout Journal

Fitness Logbook: Undated Workout Journal

The Fitness logbook is great for lifters with fitness-related OCD. Although it provides its own specific categories and for you to track and manage, it simultaneously provides you with enough open space to get creative with how you want to track your workouts.

Customers praise it for ease-of-use and overall durability.


#5 Portage Fitness and Workout Notebook

 Portage Fitness and Workout Notebook


The Portage fitness and workout notebook is a workout log that takes pride in giving users large writing blocks that allow for writing down all of the specifics of your workout. While some workout logs may be too narrow for the average person to write in, Portage’s workout logs ensure that an average person can record various details of their workout in blocks that aren’t too big, yet aren’t too small.

Some would say they are just right.

Customers praise it for its convenient on-the-go size as well as its simplicity and design.

#6 Chiefs & Tribes Fitness Planner

Chiefs & Tribe Fitness Planner

The Chiefs & Tribes fitness planner is a workout log created to minimize distractions. With an extremely simple design, you can be sure that nothing will distract you from recording workouts into your workout log in an extremely efficient way.

One thing to note about the Chief And Tribes fitness planner is that it’s fairly small. So if you’re someone who prefers to record their progress with larger handwriting, then this workout log may not be for you.

With so many workout logs available on the market, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose one that fits your personality perfectly. From overly simplistic to a splash of color on every page, our list of the 6 best workout logs on Amazon covers a wide range of planners that was created to give you a feel for what the market is currently offering. If you’re looking to showcase your personality, improve your discipline, or simply hold yourself accountable…

A workout log can be that “missing piece” in your gym bag that will help you smash your fitness goals.


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