What is DMHA? Supplements Ingredients Explained

What is DMHA? Supplements Ingredients Explained

DMHA, also known as 2-AminoIsoheptane, Popped onto the scene in late 2016 as a great additive for Pre-Workout Products. It is said to work similar to caffeine in providing an unparalleled level of energy.

Why is it used?

DMHA is said to be very similar to DMAA, which has recently become a banned substance. Since its a stimulant, brands use it to help give their customers that extra boost when taken. It functions with the central nervous system to enhance cognitive levels as well as energy levels. DMHA is also said to increase Dopamine levels, thus providing a euphoric feeling.

Correct Dose?

Most suggest to take between 75mg-100mg to stay on the safer yet still effective side. 

When to take is and how long until it kicks in?

DMHA is best taken 30 minutes prior to a high level activity and will then take roughly 30 minutes before you begin to feel the effects of the product taking place. 

DMHA or Octodrine can be stacked with a variety of other supplements. Combine it with a protein, BCAA, creatine or intra workouts to further enhance training results. Alternatively you can use it in conjunction with stimulant free fat burners and pre workouts as well. Avoid using it together with any supplements with a high stim content to avoid overstimulation and heightened negative side effects.

Potential Side Effects

  • increased heart rate,
  • increased blood pressure 
  • shortness of breath

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