Kenzinc LLC and The Scoopie LLC Announce Partnership and Licensing Agreement

Kenzinc LLC and The Scoopie LLC Announce Partnership and Licensing Agreement

(Easton, Conn., July 1, 2016) – Kenzinc, LLC, announces that it has entered into a partnership with The Scoopie, LLC, formerly known as imblowingup, LLC, of Conroe, Texas.  Under the terms of the partnership, The Scoopie has acquired the rights to manufacture and sell funneled scoop products covered under license of Kenzinc’s patent, United States Patent No. 7,441,676.  Kenzinc’s and The Scoopie’s scoops each enable users to pour liquid or powdered products into bottles or other containers without making a mess.  Kenzinc will continue to sell its scoops under the trademark Scoop E-Z™, while The Scoopie will continue to sell its scoops under the trademark The Scoopie®.

Kenzinc’s Chief Executive Officer Drew Pickering Jr. is the pioneer in the funneled scoop market.  Mr. Pickering began developing Scoop E-Z scoops in 2005, and is the named inventor on the ‘676 Patent, which issued in 2008.  According to Mr. Pickering, “we have always been looking for a partner to license our technology.  The Scoopie has filled the gap with additional volumes, sizes and quality that Kenzinc was searching for.”  Mr. Pickering adds, “we look forward to continued growth by both companies under license of the ‘676 Patent in this arrangement.”

“We are excited to be joining forces with Kenzinc,” Jarred Allen, Chief Executive Officer of The Scoopie, said on Friday.  “Drew is a leader in this space, and we are confident that this partnership will spearhead powerful growth for both Scoop E-Z’s and The Scoopie’s products on the market in 2016 and beyond,” Mr. Allen added.

Although the specific terms of their partnership will remain confidential, Mr. Pickering and Mr. Allen note that the agreement became effective July 1, 2016, and will continue through the life of the ‘676 Patent. 

Kenzinc is a product development company located in Easton, Connecticut.  Kenzinc designs, develops, manufactures and patents unique products not only for Kenzinc, but for other companies and individuals, and has been doing so for over 20 years.  Kenzinc has developed patented products within the medical device industry, sports and leisure, cooking utensils and all other genres of product development.  The Scoopie is a product manufacturer based in Conroe, Texas, and was formed in 2012.  The Scoopie’s scoops are found in a number of supplement products and may also be purchased in retail stores worldwide, or via its website, 

For more information, please contact Drew Pickering, Jr., via E-mail at or by telephone at (203) 307-5369, or Jarred Allen via E-mail at or by telephone at (512) 699-7073.

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