Home Tricep Workouts; 7 Best Tricep Workouts To Do At Home

Home Tricep Workouts; 7 Best Tricep Workouts To Do At Home

No machines. No gym memberships. No excuses.

If you’ve been looking for the best tricep exercises to do at home, then you’ve come to the right place. Many people aren't aware that the triceps actually make up 2/3 of your arm. So if you want bigger arms, get bigger triceps.

Here we’re going to list off the 7 best trice workouts that don’t require a gym membership (or any equipment) to do.

All you need is a little bit of space, a chair / platform, and a can-do attitude.

The Art Of The Home Workout

Sadly, a lot of people believe the myth that a great workout can’t be achieved at home. This is extremely not true. With the right attitude and commitment to getting a great workout in, you an easily get a better workout in AT HOME than 90% of people do at the gym.

Getting  a great workout isn’t about location or fancy machines, it’s about pushing yourself to your limits and then going a little bit further.

Slowing Down For Maximum Results

If you really want to take your workouts to the next level, try performing each exercise listed below as slow as you possibly can. Slowing down the tricep movements will force your muscles to work extra hard while also recruiting the smaller, stabilizer muscles that often get neglected when sticking to the more isolated movements.

Learning how to perform home tricep workouts slowly and effectively has the potential to yield more gains than lifting heavy in a gym setting, when done correctly.

Note: all exercises will either be done 3 sets to failure or 5 x 10, depending on your skill level.

The Close-Grip Pushup

 Close grip pushup tricep workout

The close grip pushup is one of the most powerful home tricep exercises you can do. And when done slowly and in a controlled fashion, the close grip pushup is also be a great core workout as well.

The key to the close grip pushup is to keep your hands close enough so you are using more tricep than chest, but far enough away that you aren’t going to injure either your wrists or elbows from pushing off the ground.

A good rule of thumb is that if your wrists are feeling like they are straining too much to maintain your body weight, simply spread your hands apart until you can do the pushups without wrist or elbow pain.

The Chair Dip

chair dip tricep workout

For the chair dip, you are going to need a chair. The illustration contains a platform, but we understand that not everyone has a large box platform in their house. It is recommended that you use a chair that won’t slide around when pushed upon, or you could be risking an injury.

If you do not have a chair laying around, you may also be also to do these on a staircase by finding the stair that is the appropriate height. Usually, there will be enough room for you to complete a dip movement on the staircase and to slow the movement down to really feel the burn.

To do the chair dip, simply face the chair towards you and then turn around. Once you are facing away from the chair, put your hands down at your side, face your palms toward the chair, and then grab the chair on the sides of you, slightly behind your back.

Once in that position, you are going to want to lower yourself down until either your butt or lower back hits the chair, and then gently bring yourself back up again. This is one dip. Depending on the speed in which you do the dip, you should be able to get anywhere from 5-20 in before needing to rest.

For Home Tricep Workouts, Quality > Quantity

It is important to remember that when it comes to home tricep workouts, quality is much more important than quality. Meaning, you will be better served only being able to get 5 reps with perfect form than 20 reps with horrible form.

The reason for this is because one of the biggest factors to gaining muscle is building up your mind-muscle connection, and being able to feel when you’re hitting the muscle that you want to hit while leaving out the other muscles that you’d rather hit with a different exercise. Building up a powerful mind muscle connection will allow you to get creative with your routine because you’ll be able to tell whether the new exercise you are doing will be effective for you personally, because everyone is different.

The Overhead Pushup

home tricep workout

The overhead pushup is another great exercise to target your triceps at home. To do the overhead pushup, you’re going to need to either push your chair up against the wall (to make sure it doesn’t slide) or use a staircase or countertop.

To do the overhead pushup, all you’re going to do is bend over and then pretend like you’re going to dive onto the chair / counter / staircase. Once you’re touching the counter from a bent over position with your arms reached out, you’re going to do a modified pushup, bending your arms at the top but keeping some resistance. After doing this a few times, you should be able to feel your triceps being targeted which will help you adjust your movements even further and better target the part of the tricep that you’re aiming for.

In a gym setting, these muscles would be the same ones that would be target when doing overhead extensions. The idea is the same, but instead of pulling something down, you’re going to be pushing yourself up.

 The Reverse Pushup

reverse pushup home tricep workout

For the reverse pushup, all you’re going to need is your bodyweight. The reverse pushup is one of the more advanced exercises, and may not be possible for those who are just getting into doing any type of body weight exercises.

To do the reverse pushup, you’re going to lay flat on the ground and put your arms by your side with your palms facing the ground. From this point, all you’re going to do is push yourself up off the ground using your hands in a reverse fashion. If you feel strain on your wrists, then you’re going to want to move your hands farther apart or attempt a different exercise.

Inner-Handed Pushups

home tricep workout

Inner-handed pushups are an at-home tricep exercise that virtually anybody can do (assuming they can already do a pushup).

For the inner-handed pushup, you’re going to get into a standard pushup position and turn your wrists inward to face each other. Depending on your wrist flexibility, you may need to put your hands farther in front of your head, allowing your wrists to have more natural bend. It is recommended that you stretch your wrists before all of the at-home tricep workouts listed in this article.

Triangle Pushup

triangle pushup home tricep workout

The triangle pushup is essentially a step up from the close-grip pushup. Instead of simply keeping your hands close together, with the triangle pushup, you’re actually going to touch your thumbs together on the ground and then make a triangle between your hands. This will force you to work your triceps extra hard because your hands are so close together.

Body Extensions

body extension home tricep workout

 home tricep workout

To do this exercise, simply lay on your side in a relaxed position, resting on one arm with your arm at 90 degrees. When you are ready, you are going to create some momentum and push yourself up into an extended arm position with the tricep that is currently resting on the ground. Doing this will cause you to be holding yourself up on your side with a single arm, in which you can then go back to a resting position.

The triceps are one of those tricky muscles that not many people include in their home workouts. Even though it may seem difficult to include tricep exercises into your home workouts at first, it is actually fairly simple. And doing these workouts 3x a week is all you need to see results. Also, depending on your currently level of fitness, you may need to increase the amount of sets and reps you do because of quick adaptability. A good rule of thumb is to go hard enough so that you're pushing yourself, but not too hard to injure yourself. Regularly including these at-home tricep workouts will ensure that your arms are bigger and stronger than ever before.




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