Parenting: 3 Healthy Tips for New and Expecting Parents

Parenting: 3 Healthy Tips for New and Expecting Parents


As a new parent, you are well aware of how difficult it can be to monitor and protect ones mental and physical health, while grinding through the daily struggles of raising an infant. As an inventor of baby products, via The Scoopie, I constantly search through a plethora of interesting articles in order to learn more about baby culture and further share helpful tips on keeping healthy, mentally and physically, as a new parent. Here are 2 such articles that I have found to provide ample ammo for any new mother or father in search of a little piece of baby raising wisdom.

In a recent article by Katie the Wellness Mama, titled “Supplements for Pregnancy & Nursing: What I Take”, Katie brilliantly illustrates her regiment of supplementing and nutrition during pregnancy and nursing, in order to stress the importance of getting the right amount of nutrients required for your little one. Throughout, Katie speaks highly on the essentials of eating greens, having high quality protein and healthy fats for fetal growth and infant brain development.  She further sums up the article by going over the nutritional and supplemental foods to avoid such as sweeteners, corn syrup and sodas, which brings about a well-organized and informative article for any parent needed answers to health related questions during pregnancy.

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The second article by John Kinnear, titled “All Things I can’t Throw Away” speaks about the interesting a fun times that Dad’s experience while raising a child. John speaks about all of the wonderful drawings his child used to draw for him as certificates of being a great dad to his daughter, which speaks to the heart of his message on cherishing every item and moment that your child presents to you.

Based on the amazing articles from above and my experience within the baby market, I have deciphered three interesting tips for providing parents with simple methods remaining mentally and physically healthy as a new parent:

  • Master Power Naps – As infants tend to sleep 16 hours a day in 3 hour increments, learning to sleep on their schedule will help keep you balanced and well maintained during your child’s early years.
  • Think Healthy - With healthy habits, comes healthy babies, healthy sleep and healthy thoughts, which overall, creates a more mentally and physically prepared YOU for the challenges of parenthood.
  • Cherish Small Moments – It is easy to become stressed over the overwhelming task of raising a child yet by focusing on the positive; you can avoid mental break-downs that can leave lasting impact on you and your child’s health.

I encourage all new and expecting parents to begin taking actions to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the important task of raising children in order prepare a better tomorrow for both you and your child’s future.


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