3 Easy Ways to get the most out of your Supplement Products

3 Easy Ways to get the most out of your Supplement Products

With so many supplement brands these days, there have never been more ways to stay healthy, active and at your peak. Whether it's increasing your protein intake to finding the energy to power through a workout after a long day at work, supplement products are readily available to fill that need. Even so, making sure you take the right product, at the right time is an entirely different task all together. So here are a few ways to know you are getting the most out of your products.

1. Do your research, always! - Whether its asking a friend, reading reviews or Googling the information yourself, make sure you are receiving top quality products from top quality brands. Many products don't always live up to the label and sometimes friends can be biased towards a brand based on affiliations, so proper research can the difference between reaching those goals and being disappointed in your choice of product. Each person's body is different so take that into account as well.


2. Make sure you take the right amount at the right time. - It's important to not under do it or overdo and supplement product. If you weight 185 pounds, typically, your body typically requires 185+ grams of protein to build muscle and grow, so taking less than that would defeat the purpose. The same can be said for taking too much protein or too much pre-workout, which can lead to heart issues due to the caffeine intake. So please be careful, read the labels and know your body.


3. Have the proper tools to transport powder from container to container. - Making sure you don't spill powder or have it clump, is very important as well. wasting expensive product is the last thing you want to do with your hard earned dollars. So prepare yourself with tools like The Scoopie or a Shaker Bottle to ready the potential risk of spilling powder everywhere.


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