Scoopie 2 Pack Count | Portable Scoop and Funnel Travel Container For Pre and Post Workout Supplements | On The Go Powder Dispenser For Water Bottles and Shaker Bottles (60cc / 90cc )


The most innovative way to bring your supplements with you on the go!

This pack is perfect for all proteins, Baby Formulas and other powder mixes.

Comes with two units of different sizes.

60cc and 90cc

60ml and 90ml

Whether exercising at the gym, taking care of your baby, or just managing your health, life is hard work – so why make it harder by struggling to put powder formulas into bottles? With the Scoopie portable scoop funnel, you can transport your protein powders, baby formulas, or supplements in the container of your choice with ease. Simply scoop your powder, snap the lid, flip the funnel, and watch as the contents flow...

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